What social media does an artist need? Sell your art fast and easy

Are you interested in the free promotion of your art? Yes, we all do, and that's why social media is so important. In addition to compiling a shortlist of the 5 best social media sites for artists that are free to use, we also identified a new one that seems promising. Check social media in which art moves more.

Your marketing plan involves networking, showcasing, and gaining leads. The problem is, there are too many options. How do you begin?

So we can form a balanced opinion, let's look at each one's pros and cons.

Artist in front of a crowd.

Instagram: A Visual Social Media Special For Artists

In spite of its increased commercialization, Instagram remains a valuable platform for visual artists despite its declining appeal. Most creatives agree that there's no substitute for it, but if you're willing to put in the time and effort, it's still possible to grow your traffic organically. 

Because of its wide reach, it is an ideal social media platform for artists. In addition to networking with other creatives, you can reach out to potential customers as well. You get a double whammy.  

You can expand your reach by targeting your hashtags properly. 

Therein lies the joy for artists. They have a user-friendly platform.   

The platform can waste your time if you don't post regularly to gain traction. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, also disappears in the feed quickly. There is a limited amount of time to catch the viewer's eye.

It is possible to see the method used by a professional Instagrammer. Following people, waiting for return followers, and unfollowing non-returners. All-day, every day. Talking to them is difficult.

With scheduling, it is easier to post in advance. The Instagram infrastructure is crucial. You save so much time when you post your artwork on third-party sites. You have no other choice but to opt-out of living on the platform or paying for ads.

Instagram's main advantage?

Your peers can help you market your services if you intend to provide them.

If you want sales and commission work, you can reach your buyers. 

If you want to offer art lessons, you can find students. 

Different audiences.

Art on intenet.

Pinterest: Providing artists with a search engine

Pinterest can be a game-changer for some. It can increase blog traffic exponentially.

According to its official description, Pinterest is a search engine and bookmarking site. But it's not really a social network for artists. People hardly interact with each other directly. That's good since Pinterest can take over your life.

Daily and in mass, you should be posting new "pins". It's amazing how much time it takes to use all of the free tools.

To make matters worse, Pinterest's algorithm changes almost every month. This is so annoying. As you get closer to your goal, you get knocked back. The best practices are constantly being updated.

Pinterest app

You can use Pinterest for saving ideas and finding inspiration, but the trick lies in getting people to actually visit your website after saving your pins. It's a challenge.

The process of generating and scheduling pins takes a long time, even with third-party tools, and, like google rankings, you won't know if you got it right for many months. It takes time to rank. 

Does it make sense for artists? There are artists and marketers who receive most of their traffic from Pinterest, but there are others that receive almost no traffic. It takes 6 months to see if it is right for you.

When successful pinners get to a certain volume, we can suspect subcontracting. How else could you keep up?

Pinterest's customer demographic is one very interesting feature. Most of its users are female. Men are not left out because that doesn't mean it's pointless, but it does mean that male-oriented subjects are less likely to gain traction.

Youtube: Promote your true self. Yikes!

Youtube on a phone.

In terms of search terms, YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind Google, and ranking there is much easier.

There is another social platform you can use, however it does encourage comments and the more you get, the higher your rank will be.

YouTube shouldn't be ignored. At the moment it's the go-to social media. Videos are king.

Youtube has the problem of being very exposed. And most artists tend to be introverts.

At your easel or computer, you can relax and sit alone, nice and safe. 

YouTube is different. Everyone can see you, and that has both positives and negatives. Thousands of potential fans are eager to connect in a much more personal way, and a few ‘Twitter’ users are more than happy to critizise.

People want to see artists in action, let's face it. They want to learn how things work, see the process, and ask questions. Creating videos makes sense in that regard. All of us should be doing it.

Furthermore, the earning potential is very high. We produce advertisements, affiliate links, digital sales, print sales, and blog traffic. Profitable videos generate revenue. 

With the success of Tiktok, which has changed the game for other platforms, Youtube is attempting to compete directly with its ‘Youtube Shorts’ services.

As of yet, there is no algorithm limiting your potential audience for these vertical videos of 60 seconds. These videos have the potential to go viral very quickly. Although they don't have direct links available with standard videos, they are still effective at driving traffic to your site. 

LinkedIn: Art Business Strictly Using Social Media

Social media

This is the social media channel for artists that is ignored all the time. Nonetheless, this platform is a good place to find clients.

In order to get the most out of the site, you should write useful content or repurpose your blog articles. My friend began by sending one comprehensive article to her list of leads about her main topic. She continued with daily tips and insights. 

This is a shareable newsletter in that sense. 

The strategy has already resulted in 659 new leads for her in less than a month! It's not bad for finding customers. Coaching and commissions are involved.

Reusing old content is the best part. For those who blog, there is an abundance of content available. Even though we are still learning, we guess you will have to rework your posts to ensure they don't appear on Google as duplicate content, but that's an easy task. 

You will gain more followers when your new followers are kept in the loop.

You will keep them reminded of you and what awareness is all about with regular tips and hacks. It is more likely that anyone will remember you if they need work done. Marketing, building authority, and branding go hand in hand. It's the same with any business. 

If you want to reach your target audience organically, LinkedIn is a better choice than Facebook. This is a work-oriented and curated forum that encourages sharing content.

You won't be limited in reach by the algorithm as Facebook does.

Lastly, a bonus site you should visit.

Dayflash: Promoting art through social media like Instagram

Square art. Which social media do artists use more?

What do you think? Is this the new social network for artists? Could this be it? We had never heard of it before. Dayflash is an Apple app for sharing photos and videos. It is not available for Android yet.

No algorithm prevents you from finding and keeping your audience with their full-screen, high-definition images.

You create hashtags for your account once rather than on each picture. You can be found and followed by others, and your photos will appear chronologically in their news feed. You will be visible to them. Quite intriguing.

It has been set up similarly to how Instagram used to work. Followers and friends can see your posts.

According to some artists' reviews, Instagram engagement has been deeper and more genuine than on some other platforms. The hi-res images are especially appreciated. As someone who complains about the quality of my photo-realism on screen, that's a major plus. 

Dayflash might go viral when it's available on Android.


Tiktok in a phone.

With 689 million users worldwide, TikTok is the fastest-growing short-form video platform. Videos can be uploaded with pre-recorded audio like popular songs or users can create their own audio. This platform is primarily used by younger audiences. The advantage of using popular audio is that you can capitalize on a trend and improve upon a theme.  

Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" has been one of the most famous TikTok songs to go viral. Users shared videos of themselves set to the song, launching Lil Nas X's career internationally. Those who jumped on the trend also had a chance to gain new followers looking for content based on that song.  

You can discover new content on TikTok's For You page. The algorithm offers users an endless scroll of things to look at, and the user can thumb through it and hope for the best. 

TikTok is home to an interesting community of small business owners, makers, and artists. Videos showing the process of creation, giveaways, ideas for running small businesses, and many more can be found on the TikTok app.

TikTok is more difficult to get right than other platforms. You can use still images and words on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, but you need to be able to edit and produce your own videos on TikTok. TikTok thrives on virality, a difficult thing to cultivate on purpose. If you make the attempt to go viral on purpose, you might end up with inauthentic posts and need to spend more time managing social media than you normally would. 

Honorable Mentions for Social Media for Artists

We discussed several social media platforms that could be beneficial to artists. However, there are many more out there! The following are just a few of the many social networks available to artists: Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Vimeo, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Discord, Telegram, and many others. Explore what's available to you!

How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform

You now know that there are a number of social media platforms available to help you to keep in touch with their audiences and communities. How do you choose which ones to use? Because it isn't feasible for you to invest significant energy and time in all social media platforms at once, keep these three principles in mind as you decide which would be the most effective for you.

Girls on their phones. Which social media do artists use more?

Keep an eye on your audience

Your audience is likely to be on the platforms they use the most. Connect with them there. As long as you don't force people to leave the platform or app they use for other parts of their lives, connecting with them will be easier. 

Choose Your Medium as an artist

When choosing which social media platforms to use, select those that complement the kind of work you produce. Post photos and videos on social media if your work is very visual. If you make text-based work, make sure you find a platform that allows you to showcase your writing or even your drafting process to show the behind-the-scenes. 

Embrace what feels natural

Consider investing your time in platforms that play to your strengths, interests, and natural tendencies. It's okay not to use platforms or tools you dislike or don't feel comfortable with. Followers should feel a genuine connection to you and your work if their presence on social media is successful. If you're on a platform that you enjoy using (at least a little bit) then building that connection will be much easier. 

Starting to use Twitter, Clubhouse, Vimeo, Instagram, or another platform might not seem natural at first. Don't waste time on a platform you find truly anathema. 

Manage Your Contacts With Ease

You can grow your audience and connect with them through social media. Ultimately, however, you depend on the platform or the app. You lose access to your audience and peer network if a social media platform changes its terms of service or if it folds. 

If you control the ways that you communicate with your network, you can protect yourself from some of the whims of social media platforms. You can accomplish this by building a website (which you can link to in your social media bio). By building up an email list of contacts with whom you can communicate regularly, you can achieve the same results. 

Conclusions for Social Media

Artist with canvas., What social media does an artist need?

Decide on one social media and devote at least 3 months to it.

You will burn out if you try to do all of them at once. You should probably start with YouTube. YouTube has the most potential. 

The market for video is far from saturated, and it is the future. 

Would you still use social media if it made your heart sink?

Traditional methods are still in use. It’s tried and tested, and it works.

Social media, let's face it, isn't exactly friendly. Few make the lonely world work for them the way they hoped.

What social media does an artist need? Which social media do artists use more? Stay here to read more about art and the art market:

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