Top 10 famous examples of digital art | Who are the digital artists?

Digital arts education has become more prevalent in schools due to the advancement of and access to technology. Who are the digital artists, are there some famous examples of digital art?

They have been around the art world for quite some time, even though it's still a new medium for art teachers and students. In 1965, one of the first significant exhibitions of computer art took place.

Throughout the years, digital art has evolved into a variety of forms due to technological advancements. One thing that has remained constant is artists' exploration of digital media as a form of expression.

The same applies to students. What about teaching digital art? This is a medium that students gravitate towards naturally! But first, who are famous digital artists?

Check out some famous examples of digital art.

Astronaut cloud. Who are the digital artists?

1. Stephen Mcmennamy

In Mcmennamy's photos, wildly unrelated objects are spliced together to form new and appealing images. This perfect image goes beyond simple Photoshop work, as Mcmennamy calls them "combophotos."

To achieve famous examples of digital art, he meticulously photographs each part of the image before blending it together. In addition to his combophotofailures, he also posts behind-the-scenes pictures.

2. David McLeod

Australian-born CGI artist David McLeod specializes in digital art and animation.

Filmmakers use computer graphics to create lifelike special effects in movies, but they can also apply it to still images. McCleod's work is curiously infused with CGI.

He creates mesmerizing animations. 

Bird with sport shoes art.

3. Sean Charmatz

In addition to his experience as a writer, artist, and storyboard director for Spongebob Squarepants, Sean Charmatz has experience with fantasy stories. In addition to Dreamworks and Disney, he has shown his digital art talents to other companies.

The animations Charmatz creates, which bring ordinary or found objects to life, are some of his personal work. Even your students can learn how to make animations inspired by famous examples of digital art, like Charmatz here.

Make sure you check them out and check who are famous digital artists now.

4. Alberto Seveso

Alberto Seveso is a celebrated photographer who is well known for three famous high-speed photo series: A Due Colori, Medicina Rossa, and Disastro Ecologico. Colorful ink clouds are captured in these stunning underwater photos. Students can even take part! 

Cloud ink art

5. Nik Ainley

Nik Ainley, a digital UK illustrator, has worked with clients such as Nike, Starbucks, and National Geographic.

After studying physics, Ainley developed an interest in digital art. He draws inspiration from the world of science for his illustrations. One of the true famous examples of digital art.

6. Jason Naylor

The work of Jason Naylor is characterized by the contrast between bright colors and rich blacks. His goal is to spread positivity and kindness through his work. Using both traditional and digital media, Taylor's work is centered on typography.

He posted a description of how technology, including the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, have transformed his productivity and creativity.

Art of a woman holding her heart.

7. Aiste Stancikaite

German artist Aiste Stancikaite's pencil drawings are enhanced by digital media.

The artist turns her drawings into animations or adds visual interest to still images in other ways by using software like Photoshop. Who are famous digital artists nowadays? Read on.

8. Sara Ludy

In addition to sculptures, websites, videos, animations, and audiovisual experiences, Sara Ludy's work also takes the form of websites, videos, and animations.

These works emphasize the connection between the virtual and physical world. Recently, she has explored virtual reality in some of her work, next step for famous examples of digital art.

Painting about a woman.

9. Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson has created surreal imagery as a photographer. He strives to capture the impossible with the camera as his main tool.

A combination of photos he has taken is used in each of his finished photos; none are computer-generated. 

Who are the digital artists here? The process of creating one photo takes quite a bit of time, so he may only produce six to eight finished pieces each year. 

10. Famous examples of digital art:  Hal Lasko

Hal Lasko, better known as "The Pixel Painter," was given a PC loaded with Microsoft Paint for his 85th birthday.

In his later years, Lasko's vision began to fail as he was a lifelong artist. He was able to create art on the computer for the rest of his life, like true famous examples of digital art do.

Who are the digital artists?

Artistic balloon.

Artists can create fascinating works with the aid of computers and technology. It is amazing how much is possible with technology today.

Motivate the next generation of creatives by introducing them to these digital artists. 

Now you check our famous examples of digital art. Did you know who are the digital artists and who are famous digital artists?

Which digital artist do you like most? Are you a digital artist? What are your resources? Stay with us to read more about the artistic marvels that coexist with technology.

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