The best digital art strategies, so you can bring your essence to all corners of the world.

The virtual world gives artists an important platform, offering them hundreds of opportunities to promote their art. Portfolios, digital galleries, social networks, online art auctions, but there’s always something important tickling the mind of any artist: I need new ways to bring my creations to light.

In the following lines you will find important tips and ideas that will take your digital art to the next level. Take advantage of all the resources offered by the network and become an expert artist in digital marketing.

Art marketing strategies, digital art marketing, marketing strategies for selling art, art marketing ideas

Protect the copyright of your works, start in the world of digital art marketing, strategies to protect your art ideas.

Before your art is available to the public on the internet and before start selling your art, the first thing you should do is make a declaration of authorship every piece of art you have, so you will have no problem if any dispute arises about the originality or ownership of the artistic works.

Take care of the quality of your images, this way your art will be more professional, and you'll be one step forward on digital art marketing.

For the promotion of your art on the internet it is essential that you have quality images in which the details of your artwork are faithfully appreciated. If you are a photographer you will not have this problem, but if you are a painter or sculptor you have surely already realized how problematic it is sometimes to be able to accurately portray colors or shapes.

The photographs of your works must be completely clear and properly illuminated, in addition, you have to provide images with different views and details of your art. Remember that the better the images, the more confidence they will generate for the customer, increasing the sales probabilities, and creating a successful art marketing.

If you’re starting out in the world of online art marketing or you don’t have the possibility to hire a professional photographer, the most recommended option, you might be thinking about taking the pictures yourself. In that case, follow these steps to get some good pictures of your artwork, where you will find some tips so that your artwork can be appreciated correctly.

Art marketing strategies, digital art marketing, marketing strategies for selling art, art marketing ideas

Make your own digital artistic identity, here are some strategies art ideas.

On the Internet, to sell your art, you must make yourself known as a person immersed in the artistic world, whether as a musician, painter, actor, filmmaker or writer. Remember that the artistic product is marked by infinite connotations of immaterial character that transcend the work itself, including the perception of the author, the artist, you.

Therefore, first of all, make a brief summary of yourself as an artist and adapt it to the different profiles that you decide to open in pages and social networks. Fill in the fields you consider appropriate, although it is recommended that you personalize as much as possible your profiles, with photos and information of your art.

In this regard, it is very important that you take advantage of each of your social profiles to account for your professional and academic activity. Use Linkedin and Facebook to detail each of your studies and jobs and of course the constant evolution of your art, try to get comments and good recommendations by interacting with other users and sharing posts.

Use other social networks such as Instagram, Pinterest or Flickr to exhibit your works of art online in an organized catalog, although you can also do it in the galleries of Google+, ideal network if you also have a store or local to sell your paintings, or on Facebook albums.

There are also numerous specialized social networks, such as Meeting Arts or Olemiarte, dedicated exclusively to artists, where you can get in touch with other creators, share your work in galleries, participate in forums and seminars, as well as cultural patronage programmes.

Art marketing strategies, digital art marketing, marketing strategies for selling art, art marketing ideas

Don’t be afraid to expose your digital art marketing, share your art ideas.

In addition to spreading your creations through digital art marketing, you can also have a permanent catalogue of your works in digital portfolios such as Behance or DevianArt, where you can upload photographs of your works and get in touch with artists that are similar to or completely different from you.

If you are a photographer, you are probably interested in platforms like 500px, which allows you to expose and even sell your photographs, allowing other users to vote and comment on them.

Create a website to showcase and promote your digital art marketing strategies.

Beyond having an adequate presence on social and artistic networks and platforms, it will also help you to find your place on the internet by having your own website where you can explain in detail your biography and resume about the art you have created, your exhibitions, awards and mentions and your artistic philosophy, as well as a catalogue of works of art with titles, dates and descriptions and news about future artistic events.

You can use your page as an online catalog to promote your art, including the address on your business cards so that the customers you contact personally can see the works from anywhere and at any time, and you can also optimize its positioning in search engines to get more visitors interested in knowing your work online, thus increasing your sales possibilities.

In addition, having a well-maintained website and a good social media presence will help you when selling art through other channels, since your potential customers will be able to find out before making their purchases, which increases their interest and confidence in the transaction.

Art marketing strategies, digital art marketing, marketing strategies for selling art, art marketing ideas

Take advantage of different sales platforms for digital art marketing, with your strategic and unique art ideas.

In addition to having a catalogue of works of art on your website, you can also use various online sales channels. If what you are looking for is to expedite the sale of your works and get a good remuneration, auction your pieces of art in an online art auction house specializing in digital art amrketing.

Make written and visual content will completely improve your digital art marketing, put your art ideas in writing.

Think about opening a blog where you can post some of your commented works of art, the process of creating some piece of art or anything that you find interesting or curious related to your profession or your day to day as an artist.

You can share these posts through your social networks to get visitors to your website and, in addition, you will be contributing to grant a greater search in Google, as well as to create an image in the network, This is a great marketing strategy for artists.

If you’re not willing to invest in a website, you can create your free blog on platforms like WordPress or Tumblr. Remember to link the blog to your different social profiles, and so have as much information as possible available so that any user can witness your art.


Don’t stop interacting with your audience, they are the main prospects to sell your art, they are the ones who will take digital art marketing to another level, don’t forget this strategy.

The network is a double-edged sword in the promotion of your art, do not use the networks just to talk about yourself and share your posts. He comments on what is happening in the art world, interacts with other artists taking advantage of the services of each platform and is part of forums and communities.

You can take advantage of networks to promote your events, meet other artists, search for professional contacts or capture potential customers, so be active and interact with other users.

Research as much as you can about digital art marketing, read about new art ideas.

Use social media to search for inspiration, information or services from other current or current works of art. If you browse the right sites, you can find all kinds of interesting data for you; take advantage of all this information to promote yourself as an artist.

You can make lists of artists associations, art publications or journalists specializing in art, galleries, online auction houses and museums, as well as fairs, festivals, competitions and other events.

In this way, you can also meet people with your own interests and get in touch with potential collaborators or gallery owners who are interested in your art, thus increasing your chances of selling your works of art.

Another advantage offered by social networks, which is very useful for artists, is that they allow user feedback, so it is possible to establish a dialogue from which to obtain information about what you like more and what you like less.

Take advantage of all the comments to your art to learn and see how they perceive you and study your audience, and above all, how they perceive your art, this is a great marketing strategy.


Enjoy the harvest of consistent digital art ideas for marketing.

It’s not about publishing for a week and then opening it once in a while. If you really want to immerse yourself in the world of digital art marketing, you must keep track of your contacts on platforms and social networks to keep track of your daily art..

Share content on a regular basis and interact with other users, participate in communities and groups, or open your own, and keep an eye out for mentions in different media.

Try to check your email frequently for any contact from your blog, social media or any other page. In Real Auction we offer you a continuous monitoring of your auctions, so you will receive notifications informing you of the news.

Don’t think of your activity on the internet as an obligation. You’ll see that over time it will end up being fun. Take a few minutes daily to research, share, publish and comment on other users' posts, you will gradually incorporate it into your routine and you will be amazed at all the benefit you can get from your professional activity, besides meeting interesting people and always learning a little more.


If you want to read more about how to promote your artwork, take a look at the links below, remember, creating ideas is the easy part.

What social media does an artist need? Sell your art fast!

Marketing for artists, dare to create your digital strategy.

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