Software to evolve as an artist in the digital age

Technology and its advances have permeated every aspect of our lives and art has been no exception. We are witnessing a constant and accelerated evolution in which digital art is shown in productions of almost all disciplines. Digital art is one that uses technological tools to create various art pieces. The creation of different programs or software and equipment have greatly facilitated that today we can see works that, it is very likely before could not have been captured.

To advance as an artist or perfect your technique, we have prepared a list of programs or software for different artistic branches that will help you enhance your creativity and facilitate your work.

1. Softwares for digital drawing and painting

Work of art in painting as an example of software for artists.

Painting and digital drawing are among the arts that are making the most of the technological resources available today. Let's see what are the most popular programs in this sector:

  • Adobe Illustrator

This is vector graphics software designed for design-focused digital artists. It is used for the creation of websites, logos, and video games among several other options.

With this program, you can also create highly accurate works of art and offers templates that help streamline the work of artists such as digital painters.

  • Autodesk SketchBook

This software is considered to be one of the best digital drawing and painting software. It has the Autodesk version. The program is specifically aimed at architects, designers, and conceptual artists. It has easy-to-use drawing and illustration creation tools. It has 140 preset brushes that help to make any type of stroke. Another attraction is that you can add as many layers as you need.


Krita is a professional free software. Developed by artists who had the vision of providing creative tools that could be available to everyone. With this program you can create drawings and illustrations; It has templates, filters as well as perspectives, pencils, and brushes that can be customized.

2. Sculpture

Image of a cube as an example of software for sculptors.

The sculpture also has different programs for the realization of three-dimensional figures. Let's look at some of them:

  • Autodesk Maya

This is one of the most popular 3D software so it has become indispensable for those who model in the third dimension. It is used in designing graphics, animations, special effects, and animation.

  • Geomagic Sculpt

This is another friendly software to use but with precision and sophistication to model and sculpt in the third dimension. Its tools have different levels of detail that other traditional CAD software does not usually have.

  • ZBrush

This software transformed the vision of designers when creating their designs in 3D. It's like playdough that you can mold, but on the computer! With this program, you can create sets, characters, 3D prints, video games, and more thanks to its digital sculpture technology.

3. Photography

Hand holding a camera.

For both professional and amateur photographers, there is a wide variety of software for editing, adjustments, and effects on their photographs.

  • Adobe Photoshop

This is still one of the favorite software for photographers because it is a program with a large number of retouching and editing functions of any type of image, allowing you to create true works of art.

  • Paint Shop Pro Photo

This is emerging as one of the best possible photo editing software since it has an extensive variety of editing tools. You can make quick touch-ups, add filters, etc. In addition, the program offers you suggestions directed by artificial intelligence as well as you can resolve your doubts.

  • GIMP

Gimp is one of the free software that offers a wide range of possibilities as far as photo editing is concerned. You can change the format of the image, add effects, make photomontages among some of its functions. Another advantage is that when downloading this program on your computer, you can have plugins that improve the original tools of the software every time you update the program.

  • AdminPhoto

With this program, you not only get editing tools, but you can also get storage management of your customers, control of expenses, and other convenient functions for your company. It is one of the most complete software for professional photographers.

4. Music

Keyboard and recording studio

For creators and musical artists we recommend the following programs:

  • DAW

This is a program designed for use on the computer in which you can edit, mix and master different types of audio. You can record different musical instruments MIDI controllers, vocals, and add the tracks, effects and create a song to be heard by anyone.

  • Ableton Live

It is an audio application that presents itself as an accessible digital workstation. It has the option of multitrack recording, options for cutting, splicing, and pasting. The really effective thing about this software is its MIDI sequence.

  • FL Studio, by Image-Line

This is one of the best software to make music. It has a standard protocol of tone change, corrections, cutting, and pasting and is very effective for those starting out in the music industry.

5. Writing: software to make work easier

Typewriter with book, pencils and flower

For those who are dedicated to writing, we have these recommendations:

  • FocusWriter

This software is compatible with Windows and Mac. Its purpose is to remove distractions so you can focus on writing. Hide programs, customize the layout of the text and follow the progress of your work. It doesn't work for editing but it helps you stay focused on what you're doing.

  • WriteMonkey

One of the free software for writers with a simple interface. This program can be used to write blogs and print your publications among other advantages.

Evolving as an artist is indispensable today; thanks to the advances that are available and that are available for the different artistic disciplines, it is much easier to maintain your presence and reach a much larger audience every day in addition to that you can enhance your creativity with all the available tools.

Do you already use any of these programs? Let us know in the comments.

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