Social networks: their importance to promote art and artists

Social networks today are one of the great tools to promote and publicize artists. It is important to analyze the content so that you can position yourself and capture the interest of your followers and at the same time get more. Social media is important for artists because it allows them to interact with their audience and keep them informed with relevant news that catches the eye.

There are three elements of social media marketing for artists that need to be taken into account:

Woman writing on a notebook with polaroid photographs and books as inspiration of social networks for artists.
  • Reactive content: This type of content is the one that focuses on fashion events that may be relevant to your brand or your work. Here you can share information that is related to current issues and that complements your proposal.
  • Proactive content: here you can anticipate trends with which you can highlight your work as an artist.
  • Timeless content: These are posts you can make at any time. It is advisable to constantly make posts of your work such as images, links, and other information that you consider relevant about your projects.

There are online resources or tools that can help you make these posts easier to make. One of them is Topsy. This tool helps analyze Twitter trends and helps you generate content to bring to your social networks.

What should social media content look like for artists?

Luminous sign with the phrase do something great as inspiration for artists' social networks.
  • The first thing is that each publication you make adds value to your audience. The idea is to keep your audience interested and in this way they can recommend you.
  • Your social networks as an artist should be dynamic. This is that you invite your audience to actively participate in your profiles through surveys, contests, and other types of activities in which you can also offer them a prize or a distinction.
  • Artists' social networks must generate empathy with their audience. The closer you show yourself to them and make them part of your processes, why you do such a work, what your values are and how you take them to your projects, you will add value to your publications and to the work itself.
  • Make your social media posts simple to connect on an emotional level with your audience and show them your true essence.
  • Use YouTube: this is one of the social media platforms for artists that has over 2,000,000 users. Here you can upload tutorials or videos of your works
  • Take advantage of trends that are viral: stay on top of trends that are viral on social media and take advantage of them to generate your content. This can be from challenges, proposals etc. Here you must be very creative and agile because these trends are constantly changing.
  • Seek collaborations with brands: collaborating with other artists for some projects and publishing them on your social networks will give a very interesting approach to your art and your brand, because it may be that you get involved in one that although it does not have much to do with yours, it gives you knowledge and the best thing is that you will have alliances that can boost you.
  • Provoke sensations in your social networks: be as creative as you can, in the end, you are an artist and this should not cost you much work. Dare to break with the schemes no matter what your artistic discipline is.
Table with camera, tablets and pencils and brushes for creativity of artists.

Social networks are indispensable for artists because this is the way in which today the world connects and becomes known more quickly. The publications you make must be honest, valuable, and show both your essence as a person and that of your own work.

Here are some social media accounts of artists that can inspire you:

Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh is a designer who has worked in very important companies such as HBO. His social network on Instagram stands out for his refined and minimalist photographs in which he seeks to highlight the details.

Jamel Sabila

Known as Melsy, she has a particular ability to make illustrations that are extremely fun and covers several topics. His work gives a feminine touch that is very inspiring.

Luke Choice

This artist specializes in 3D illustrations, as well as in the realization of spectacular murals. It is distinguished by the use of bright colors and is a source of inspiration for marketing agencies.

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