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When we hear the word technology, the first thing that comes to mind are cell phones, computers and software. But technology is also found in art, and artists have learned to use it to provide experiences never seen before. From laser printed products to code-generated paints, the possibilities are endless.

Learn about the top 10 art projects using technology and why they have made such an impact globally.

Art projects with technology

1 Brixels

Breakfast Studio in New York, is an art collective that combines art with science and engineering to create interactive installations. They invented their own motorized medium called Brixels. These artistic projects required great design of technological prototypes and intelligent cameras for the installation of sculptures and murals.

The result in sight is simply innovative and dazzling, art installations with bricks in motion synchronized with people, combining the best of human interaction and robotics.

You can learn more in this video:

#2 Alternatives 

Espen Kluge, Norwegian artist, managed to create portraits with code-generated art. Their series is called Alternatives, these artistic projects involve a personalized algorithm that takes photographs and converts them into portraits based on vectors, using geometric and abstract shapes. 

How does it work? The code traverses the pixels in the image and generates lines to create a traditional embroidery effect. The interesting thing is that being random, you never know how the final pieces will look. Awesome!

alternatives - Projects that combine the best of art and technology
Source: Behance

#3 Megaliths

The Japanese art tech teamLab studio, known for its great art projects, installed in an old Japanese bathhouse its interactive work Megaliths, like megaliths that emerge from the ground and become canvases for works of art that change with time and the interaction of viewers.

Made by a computer program, the art shown is never repeated and is unique, which makes it an incomparable and innovative exhibition without a doubt.

Megaliths in the Bath House Ruins | teamLab
Source: Team Lab

#4 Mind Art

Mind Art is one of the most inspiring art projects. Created by Jody Xiong, Shanghai artist to promote the world famous Winsor & Newton paint brand. Xiong brought together 16 disabled people with the goal of creating works based on brain signals.

As you can see in the video, using a helmet and Neurosky technology, biosensors are located in the head that record the activity of the brain and with it, detonate balloons filled with paint using electrical signals.

#5 Laser graffitis

James Powderly, designer, engineer and artist, created a prototype that by means of a projection and a computer system that recognizes the movements of a laser pointer, allows to create light drawings. A new way of doing graffiti, of the artistic projects that have left a mark and revolutionized worldwide.

ArTec: Graffitis Lásers

#6 Art with code

Manolo Gamboa Naon is an Argentine artist who creates digital works of art with code. Experimenting with programming languages such as Processing, Openframeworks, Unity, vvvv, Puredata and Javascript, his artistic projects result in colorful futuristic works that look like seen under a microscope.

This type of generative art is born from error, since the results of the text that becomes an image are never as imagined.  Artistic projects that combine art with programming are without doubt impressive.

Manoloide: Projects that combine the best of art and technology
Source: Domestika

#7 3D printing vases

Olivier Van Herpt challenges the limits of technology by mixing analogous and digital processes in his art project. This artist designed his own industrial 3D printing machine that prints with clay to produce digitally manufactured vases. Although the vases go through a technological process, this collection is designed with traditional ceramics in mind.

His creation has sensors that help to imitate the unique shapes of vases and textures of external factors, detecting the local environment and incorporating it into the production process. The result is unmatched ceramic with random imperfections never before seen in a digital way.  

3d printed vasels
Source: Esto no es arte

#8 Phone Buddies

Andrew Rae is an illustrator who has taken a more standardized approach to scenes today: people lost on their cell phones for their art project. What Rae does is draw digitally on his photographs of people who see his phones. He gives life to large, colorful monsters that seem to come out of the screens. This in order to give a message about the meaning of life of today’s society and the relationship between the real and digital world. Simply creative.

Home budies. Projects that combine the best of art and technology
Source: My modern met

#9 Memories of Passersby

German artist and neurographer Mario Klingemann created a series called Memories of Passersby, generated from a machine of his creation. His art is inspired by AI to explore creativity, culture and perception through machine learning.

His machine produces portraits that continually change as you look at them, in order to surprise and show an almost autonomous creative behavior.  Of the most creative and frightening artistic projects at the same time.

Mario Klingemann | Art with IA

#10 Re + Public

The artists B.C. Heavy Bierman, Ean Mering and Jordan Seiler use augmented reality to create in their artistic project the illusion of people or objects intervened in real time by some digital element shown through some technological device.

Re + Public is a team in charge of intervening urban spaces by installing 3D on advertising images and other works. All you need is a mobile device to enter this interesting world that is not visible to the naked eye.  

Street art - Projects that combine the best of art and technology
Source: Digital AV Magazine

You have reached the end of the top 10 list of art projects with technology! What do you think of these artistic projects? Without a doubt, thanks to technology, it has been possible to create extremely interesting works, which are the beginning of a promising future if we talk about art.

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