Online platforms where you can sell your artwork

Managing to impact potential customers and buyers is essential to achieve the objectives. Today there are multiple tools to achieve this, ranging from having a good website to the wide diversity of platforms that exist on the network that help the promotion and sale of artists and their works of art.

Having a good digital marketing strategy is essential for artists today if they want to achieve success. This strategy must be accompanied by the same creativity that defines the artist, otherwise, he will not be able to stand out.

Do you want to know which are the most popular? Continue reading.

It is important to first define your style and the type of your work since different platforms offer benefits for different artistic disciplines. From collectors to artists themselves have chosen to resort to the internet to buy and sell works leaving aside the option of physical galleries. Let's see then which are the platforms that best suit your needs.

1. Amazon: platforms to sell art

Table with tablet and the word amazon as a sales platform for artists.

Starting in 2013, Amazon opened the doors to art marketing through Amazon Art. Here you find curators of work to achieve the experience that a collector would live in a gallery.

What does it take to be able to sell art on this platform?

First of all, you need to consider the pieces or works you want to sell. In Amazon Art, you can offer paintings, watercolors, some pieces of mixed media, and photographs. It is not available for sculptors since three-dimensional pieces are not allowed.

Amazon also has its Handmade section, where you can sell different pieces such as furniture and other creative offers.

2. ETSY for artists

Hand holding an example artwork of sales platform for artists.

Etsy emerged in 2005 and is one of the leading platforms for selling vintage and handmade pieces. It is available to any artist from anywhere in the world. Ideal for fashion designers, artisans, industrial designers (furniture), and jewelry designers.

The platform charges a fee for belonging to its list and for each transaction that is made, but it is really simple to have your own store within its page. It has about a million sellers.

3. Minted: platforms for photographers and illustrators

Photography with woman and the city in the background.

Ideal for photographers, graphic designers, and illustrators. Minted is one of the platforms that sell images for the realization of invitations, Christmas cards, and several other options. The process that uses this platform is through a competition in which the winners are chosen by the public. You can count on your own showcase and get cash prizes in addition to winning commissions for the creation of your designs.

4. Society6

Graphic design as a sample sales platform for artists

This is another of the digital platforms where you can sell art reproductions and prints on various products, such as covers for cell phones. You always maintain the copyright of your works and designs in addition to the fact that the platform takes care of the orders so you only have to dedicate yourself to creating. Here you can set up agreements for royalties on your items for sale. It works very well for selling images that can be sublimated into clothes and household items.


Image with graphic designs and astronaut in yellow. Sales platform for artists.

Artplode is a good alternative since you do not have to pay a commission every time you make a sale through its platform. Created in 2014, it is a link between artists, galleries and collectors specialized in original works of art, photographs, and prints. Commissions are fixed for the work of art, that is, if you have a photograph of which there are only 10 copies, one image is rated, not the 10 prints. Here you can decide if by setting your prices you as an artist absorb the shipment of the work or pay for it the buyer. Another option offered by the site is to have the advice to be able to give the right value to your works and link with curators and art dealers to offer them to collectors for an additional price.


Cell phone with the shopify logo.

Shopify is one of the digital platforms that works great for those looking to create an online store. It is one of the most accessible and flexible platforms. The success of this site is to design your store very well so that the buyer feels like in a gallery and not on a platform that sells all kinds of items.


Mannequins with fashionable clothes.

This site is very similar to Etsy and is perfect for emerging artists and creators, as here you can also create your custom store. It works for artists, designers (fashions, jewelry) even musicians. The creation of your store on the platform is free and you have two sales options: offer your works to the market and access buyers or have a professional store as if it were your own place. If you pay a monthly subscription you access digital commerce tools (discounts and promotion in different social networks).

8. eBay

Woman holding a cell phone as an example of sales platforms

On this platform there are no restrictions on selling, as other platforms do for artists, it works very well since the site offers them guides to make sure that their works are visible in the right way giving them greater chances of sales.

9. Social Media

Instagram logo as sales platforms for artists.

Within digital marketing for artists, it is essential to manage the different social networks, since these can have a decisive role so that you can sell your works on the network. Without hesitation, Instagram is almost mandatory. In this sales strategy, you should take some points into account, such as:

  • Follow artists who are dedicated to your sector.
  • Constantly publish your works.
  • Stories are very important in the promotion of your works.
  • Comment and cause them to leave you comments as well.

As you can see, there is a wide range of platforms to sell your art online, being one of the most effective marketing strategies for artists today; galleries have reported that almost 50% of their sales are made online.

Do you already sell your art online? Share with us your experiences by leaving us a comment.

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