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Science fiction series have always caused a particular interest in television viewers. Since the end of the 50s, these productions began to be transmitted, and although the quality of the special effects was not the same with which they are produced today, certain productions that today are considered classics have prevailed in the history of television. Today, we will give you 5 recommendations of a series on Netflix with the best special effects to a marathon.

Altered Carbon and it´s special effects

Altered Carbon is a television series based on the cyberpunk novel by Richard K. Morgan. This Nextflix series was nominated for an Emmy Award for its special effects.

For those who love science fiction, this series has a story that catches since it is very interesting (although in some periods it can become a little slow).

Under the premise of immortality and romance, in addition to certain family conflicts, Altered Carbon is a complete series in every way.

Creating a world from scratch, the aesthetics of this series are spectacular and full of details, which adds points to make it one of your favorites.

In this series you can appreciate the racial and cultural diversity, which achieves a complete product; it also proposes a social critique based on class differences, politics, and religion. Topics as complex as the scenario under which this series takes place.

And what is this series about?

Set in the twentieth century, around the year 2384, people technically stop dying, because their mind and consciousness can be stored in a digital device and then transferred to another body. Detective Takeshi Kovacs is killed and his consciousness is inserted into another body, which belonged to Elias Ryker 250 years later. Laurens Bancroft, a 365-year-old millionaire, apparently commits suicide so he loses all his memories before his death. Bancroft is sure he was murdered and hires Detective Kovaks to investigate the facts, which appear to be murder.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a television series narrated in a short film format. This audio-visual production of science fiction needs special effects to be told.

Here various alternatives of worlds are proposed from our reality; both social networks and technological devices such as drones, the overvaluation of public figures, or coexistence through virtual worlds which have come to take relevance in our days. The series invites us to question the future based on the value that technological advances are acquiring and does so through a philosophical approach, being one of the most relevant attractions of this British production for the Netflix streaming platform.

This production has won 5 awards in which the Emmy and BAFTA TV Award are found, in addition to having 24 other nominated categories

Raising Dion

Raising Dion is another science fiction television series based on a comic book, in this case by Dennis Liu who has directed this production.

Under the theme of the superhero, this series is aimed at children. Dion, an 8-year-old boy with magical powers will help his widowed mother cope with the loss of his father, while she will help the boy manage his supernatural powers.

Although it is not a series with an outstanding proposal in terms of history, the special effects and narrative through a child make it recommended for those who like the genre.

The Umbrella Academy

Based on the comic by Gerard Way, The Umbrella Academy is another sci-fi series on Nexflix that you can't miss.

The filmmakers of this television series, but special care in the aesthetics of the production: makeup, costumes, and of course the special effects for television in addition to other technical complexities that are extremely attractive.

The way you tell this story in some moments can be confusing, but when you delve into the characters and their stories you will be caught without a doubt. The production constantly resorts to the resource of flashbacks and includes several distracting supporting characters, which makes it different from other television series.

Told through unconventional superheroes, the Hargreeves brothers will be loved and sometimes hated by viewers.

Through time travel, these brothers will have to save the world in which suspense and terror are part of this particular way of narrating this series.

Lost in space: impecable special effects

The adaptation of the classic television series of the 60s, Lost in Space is presented as a sensation for lovers of science fiction.

Counted 30 years in the future, space has already been colonized and the Robinson family is one of those chosen to live in a seemingly better world. Getting lost in space, this situation will lead them to seek alliances to survive in the alien world, located light-years from their fate.

The series is full of adventures and mysteries and the outstanding thing about the production is the quality of its special effects for television since there are no failures in this production. The photography is spectacular and the recreation of the world is very well planned, without saturating the viewer.

Have you seen any of these series yet? Which one did you like the most? Leave us a comment to find out.

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