Marketing strategies that every artist should know

As an artist when you want to start designing your digital marketing strategie, it is best not to think like a big company so that the takeoff of your project or artistic service is faster. There are 4 variables known as the 4 p's of marketing created by Jerome McCarthy, an American accounting professor. With these variables, he managed to define the concept of marketing in the 60s and they are very effective because in just four steps you can design a digital marketing campaign in a complete way. As an artist, the key to your digital marketing campaign will be to outline the key points and strategies to be made.

Let's see what it is.

How to put together and design a marketing plan for an artistic project

Abstract painting in bright colors as an example of marketing for an artist and selling his art.

To put together your digital marketing plan the four keys to follow are:

Four keys for art digital marketing strategy

1. Product or service

This first P implies that you must define the product, know it and know what are the benefits it offers. It also defines who it is aimed at, why this artistic proposal is necessary, when it is advisable to use it, and why.

For example, if we talk about music, it is considered an artistic service. Here we can define the previous points:

  • Define what musical show you are going to offer
  • What kind of audience this music is aimed at
  • When your client may need it: lunch, dinner, concert and when.
Woman singing on stage as an example of artistic marketing.

2. Price

How do you rate your art? There is a variety of prices, discounts, etc. You must be clear about what your segment is, from here you can target a certain audience. The price of your work must exceed the production costs, if you sell it at a lower price, it represents losses. Take into account your competition and compare their prices that are similar to yours. It serves as a thermometer. Consider the fixed costs: internet, electricity, materials and of course your time.

Woman holding some coins over her eyes as an example of how to sell art.

3. Plaza

What does plaza mean? It's how you're going to distribute your work to your customers. If, for example, you sell a painting or other physical work, to send them to you you must have a parcel company and here you must know what the shipping costs are and which of the parts will absorb the expense. Ask yourself what shipping conditions are right for your customers. What does it mean to have less effort to obtain your work? You should develop a shipping strategy that will depend on several circumstances.

4. Promotion

Promoting your artistic work takes time, money, and effort. The promotion represents all the actions of dissemination, communication, points of sale, marketing in social networks. We must think of a strategy of how to reach our ideal audience to let them know about our existence and our work. For this, the product or the work itself must be interesting to capture the attention that is being sought.

Website: indispensable for artist's digital marketing and selling their art

Laptop showing a web page on a desk with a camera and a cell phone as an example of marketing for an artist.

Now, to make ourselves known, as our art digital marketing strategy it is necessary to have a good image since this will be decisive to capture the attention of our target or potential customers.

It is essential to have a web page, which must contain high-quality images and the content must offer value. On this page, you should consider having a blog to be able to offer information that captivates your audience. Also, you should have the option of a landing page, why? Because in this section of your website you can convert visitors into customers through attractive promotions or offers. The landing page of a web page has basic information and few links, it has a registration form for visitors and the design is really simple.

Within the website, you can also include your portfolio. This is where the images, no matter what your artistic proposal is, should be of excellent quality. In this segment, you can include your resume with the most relevant data of your professional career.

On the net there are many platforms to create your art website and your portfolio, there are free and paid, which is highly recommended because you can with your own domain.

In addition to your site or page, don't forget to brand your social media presence. Social networks are a platform that allows interaction with your audience, which translates into closeness with them.

The art digital marketing strategy for an artist and selling their artwork, no matter what their discipline, is essential to reaching a larger audience and being able to connect with their audience and followers.

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