Learn to live off your art without dying trying.

It is true that all people are able to fulfill their dreams, goals and aspirations; it is enough to have good ideas and correct ways of acting to materialize your work in the great world of digital art. 

Being an artist and dedicating to art as a way of life continues to be a challenge in the digital world. A considerable number of people have the misconception that a person who decides to live off his art is an irresponsible or rebellious or any number of qualifiers, when in reality an artist is a person who bravely decides to break schemes, innovate in their management and pursue their dreams.

The digital art market has its charms and when we talk about digital art we mean all its types of expression: music, letters, painting, sculpture, dance, acting, cinema, design, among others; so if you are thinking of committing to this lifestyle, you must consider certain factors that will lead you to success in the digital age.

different mediums of digital art, is digital art easy

Develop your talent in the world of digital art: 

Surely you are passionate about the branch of art for which you are good; it is true that it seems that some people are privileged to possess qualities that make them besides unique, excellent for some activity without having even studied, of course you can feel lucky, therefore it is necessary that you invest in the training and development of your work in digital art.

Whether it is education provided by academies or acquired through the experience of working with various digital artists; it is wrong to believe that we have nothing more to learn. Consider every opportunity you have to grow, learn about the history of what you’re passionate about, about new techniques and trends, about anything that adds value to your work in digital art.

A closeup of a DJ working under the blue lights against a dark background in a studio

Define your digital art and explore the different mediums of it:

Everything in this life, and especially in the age of digital art, requires organization.

Define how you are going to materialize your project, for example in an exhibition, writing a book, identify the objectives you want to achieve and the strategies available within the art world to achieve it, such as: assistance from public or private organizations that disseminate the artistic and cultural movement.

Be specific with your artistic goals and the different mediums of digital art: 

As enterprising digital artists, it is highly recommended that you draw goals that are truly achievable and that you can also realize them in a reasonable time, this will allow you to concentrate your efforts in favor of a certain goal.

Plan your art in phases: a research phase, another execution phase and a final delivery phase; also includes an evaluation phase so that, if there is something you don’t feel completely convinced about, you can correct it before the final phase.

Set your budget and be specific about it when it comes to different mediums of digital art:

Most digital artists do not have fixed money tickets, point you should keep in mind. Design a realistic budget about your costs and expenses. At first it may be rude and it is precisely because of the financial aspect that many artists surrender, but if you make a serious and founded projection on the economic movements you anticipate carrying out, avoid unnecessary expenses and even manage your profits better.

different mediums of digital art, is digital art easy

Marketing for artists, your best tool: 

The free and creative spirit of an artist, which is often accompanied by an important ego, can sometimes make him think that marketing to sell his art is not the right thing, that it should be able to spread by its own means, because of its intrinsic quality. Although this romantic thought is very noble, the reality is different, and if you want to live your art, you must also learn to be a marketingbecause otherwise it is practically impossible.

As in everything, there is a lot of competition, and if you realize it, the most recognized artists are the ones who know how to promote themselves.

Use the strategies that best suit you. Know your audience so that it is easy to recognize their characteristics and thus act assertively. Social networks serve to let you know, include in your networks your best work, as well as contact information, you need to communicate and promotions.

If you don’t see yourself through the work you can always delegate experts to guide your career in different media of digital art from the point of view of dissemination and marketing. This will greatly help your personal brand connect with new audiences, be more visible, relevant and prestigious.

man playing acoustic guitar and piano close-up, recording notes, beautiful color background, music activity concept

Be unique in the different media of digital art:

This may be the most thoughtful point Get to know yourself! It’s the only way you can communicate your work later.

There are many ways to make art, but your unique way of doing it differentiates you from the rest and therefore, it will be who will make you a niche in the market. Remember that we can all do the same, but not all of us do the same.

Currently living of art is just as challenging as living of any other work, have patience. Some people may take less time than others, but by doing quality work and knowing how to promote and sell it, you can make your income come from your art without dying in the attempt; Just look, there’s no country where there’s never been a successful artist.

Stay updated and with the best possible attitude, that in an organized and persevering way you can undoubtedly overcome the obstacles that will lead you to professional achievement and personal improvement.

Portrait of a young woman who is posing covered with black paint in the studio on a black background

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