How technology has revolutionized Film & TV | Applications

Enjoying a movie or TV series now is not the same as it was 50 years ago. Technology has changed the production and consumption of film and television, creating a visual and auditory experience like no other.

Continue reading to learn how technological innovation has evolved the production of film and television and the applications we can see today as a result of this breakthrough.  

The Beginnings of the Entertainment Age

Technology and cinema began their relationship from 1895, the year in which the Lumiere brothers presented the first film in history. However, it went through several stages: from mute to sound, from black and white to color, from simple productions to superproductions.

cinema production in its begginings

Technology has positively influenced film and television to open up new ways of creating and enjoying. The main ways in which it has modified production, distribution and consumption are listed below.

The physical part of the production

One of the great changes that the advent of digitalisation has brought to film and television production is that it has made more practical the physical part of audiovisual recording. Cameras are becoming more versatile, offering greater definition and more tools for exceptional quality.

A new way of film and television production


Avatar, the highest-grossing film in history, is revolutionary if you talk about technology. It reaches 120 frames per second at 4K resolution, leaving the viewer mute. The technology this film uses is called MAGI, which allows the production to be moved to a fantastic place for viewers that the same time feels real. It also uses other technologies such as performance capture (CGI), computer-generated images ( image below) that record the person but on screen show the fully animated character.

Avatar, example of technology in film and television

The Unreal Engine - Technology used in video games

The technology used in video games like Fortnite has already come to the cinema to change the way films are made. We are talking about The Unreal Engine, which allows instant collaboration between the director, the director of photography, the production designer and virtual reality equipment through an interactive process.

It even facilitates the mapping of 3D scenes through photographs, storyboards and animatics. In order to replicate large scenes of crowds with technology, it only needs the main actors in the foreground. This transforms the needs of the production team and roles, making it more efficient and cost effective.

An example of this application can be seen in Rocketman, musical about Elton John. In the Dodgers baseball stadium scene, the actor performed in a solo studio. Crowds are 3D graphics generated to create the big scene. Interesting!

Rocketman Elton John stadium scene. The unreal engine technology for film and television production.
Source: DW

Also, this type of technology can represent a great opportunity for the production of film and television with historical characters of the past, resurrecting them through digital twins. But we will only discover that in time.

Accessible Film and Television for all

Today, also thanks to technology, we can access different types of cinema via streaming from any device.  

Several years ago, if you wanted to watch a film you needed to go to the movies or have TV at home with paid channels. And this represented a luxury. But today you have endless possibilities to enjoy the options you want from the comfort of your home and with an internet connection.

Computer with netflix streaming platform

Cinemas offer more comprehensive experiences

From small exclusive cinemas to large public rooms with advanced digital systems and a sensory experience, cinema has increasingly evolved to offer viewers evenings worth remembering.   

The future continues to advance, and there are rooms that provide visual stimuli such as smells and movement, to feel that you are part of the film; or the option of watching them 3D. Also, seats are being tested arranged in a circle to duplicate the sound, generating a 360º experience. And the multiplexes, so that viewers have different experiences in different rooms.

people watching movies in a cinema

To finish

Advances in technology have evolved the production of film and television, providing facilities to create fantastic scenes within a realistic environment and offer viewers unique experiences. Undoubtedly, something that continues to transform day by day and that in some years will leave us with our mouths open for all the wonders that can be created.

What do you think cinema and television will be like in the future? Tell us your opinions.

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