Face the fusion between Art and Technology: 5 Tips for Artists

Digital art has gained popularity in recent years for offering a wide variety of technological products, both objectual and virtual, to redesign the way artists create and send messages to the world.

But how does it affect you as an artist and how can you cope with these changes? Find out the answer in this blog.

About the emergence of digital art

Digital art arises from the provision of technological tools and programs to create online art, without the need to have a finished physical product. Types such as 3D modeling, pixel art and net art have been the result of these advances.

Example of the fusion between art and technology: Computer-edited photography

The reality is that digital art is considered a hybrid of two media: traditional art and technology. And it is an elitist art, since in addition to employing different languages and areas of knowledge, it requires learning terms and processes related to engineering, mechanics, robotics, etc.

And even though anyone can learn, it is not easy, especially if you are only used to traditional art. It takes time, determination and motivation to produce quality art.

The debate of technology and art in some artistic expressions

There are types of art that have added the word digital to include this new type of artistic expression within its category, but there are debates that say that there are arts that by their own meaning, cannot be modified.

One of them is the plastic arts. These were based on the production of material images, something that does not exist in digital art, since it has been transported in a series of creative codes. In doing so, artists claim that the essence of art itself has been transformed. What do you think?

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What artistic disciplines have changed with technology?

5 tips for facing digital transformation if you're an artist

Artist looking in the mirror to discover her identity

If you want to continue growing as an artist and gradually adopt these changes to expand your creative limits, we give you 5 tips that will help you not lose your essence as an artist:

1. - Forget ephemeral art

Our first tip today is, don’t get carried away by trends and always think about the future of your art. Always pay attention to quality, process and outcome so that everything you create stands the test of time.

Questions like:

  • How can I make sure that what I think still exists in a few years?
  • What kind of art can still be fashionable in 50 years?
  • What I am creating can be adaptable to future technologies?

They are the ones that will help you when starting an artistic project.

#2 Understand why

Remember that behind your essence as an artist, there is your critical and creative ability to understand the meaning behind everything you create. And all this is related to the time in which you live, your way of seeing life and individual experiences. So, always keep this in mind, in this way you will continue to create art with meaning and that will generate great impact on your audience.

Portrait of a woman artist

#3 Don’t let them contain you

One way to determine if your art project is generating the desired impact is to ask yourself the question: What does the public remember?

For example, if after seeing your art, people say "I saw a videomapping project", it means that technology wins. On the contrary, if they say "I saw a digital cultural mosaic project", then you win.

Always try to keep that distinctive element that will make your viewers remember your art wherever they go.

#4 Don’t stop learning

As much as you don’t dedicate yourself directly to digital art, nowadays there is no art without technology. Whether they are new painting, design or video tools, but surely you use technology somewhere in the process.

So it is important that you are always aware of the latest resources to continue preparing and increasing your competitiveness as an artist. The best thing is that you now have access to all the information within a click, so don’t waste this great opportunity!

#5 It’s not about innovating, it’s about being creative

Heart of light to represent creativity in art and technology

Some people think that the pace of technological advances is so accelerated that there is a risk of losing focus on creativity and aesthetics and being carried away merely by innovation.

Remember that the most important thing is not to have the latest technological advances, but to remain creative to stand out. So don’t worry if you don’t have the latest tools, what matters is your work as an artist.


The inclusion of technology in art not only reflects scientific advances, but also social and cultural changes, and the way the world perceives art. It is impossible to separate art from technology, for the best that we can do as artists is to face these changes and stay updated to continue innovating in the global artistic world.

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