Examining Success: The 10 best science fiction series throughout history you should watch.

Great gems of the science fiction genre are these series that you should not miss. In a genre as rich as science fiction, these great series are unmissable from their effects, script and plot. Within science fiction it is important to positively value that the series is good as a whole, and not that it has had a season or a couple of brilliant episodes, doing a recount of several years, here I bring you the best 10 science fiction series in history.

1. The Twilight Zone was a science fiction gem from 1959 to 1964.

A classic of this genre on television wanders through the whole spectrum of possible styles and themes, from alien invasions to psychological terror more or less pure. The great force of the original science fiction series, beyond its variety, is in the powerful metaphorical charge that imprints all stories, with morals sometimes not complacent and very cynical, and who delve into fears and sins perfectly applicable to today’s globalized society.

2. The prisoner, a gem 1967 in science fiction.

Fifty-something years after its premiere, this tiny British series (barely 17 episodes) remains as modern and relevant as it was in its day, thanks to its timeless setting and the risk of its proposal. Drinking from James Bond fashion, he tells how a secret agent, Number Six, is held in a strange, seemingly idyllic town. As he tries to flee, he is subjected to sadistic mental experiments that make him doubt the very fabric of reality. If it doesn’t seem like a very sci-fi series it’s because the genre in this series throbs between the lines, but we assure you that all the series you like, from Lost to The Good Place, owe it all to The Prisoner. 

3. Doctor Who giving us something to talk about from 1963 to the present.

Certainly the longest and the one that can claim the honor of having become a fireproof myth of pop culture and fiction series. And one that, despite some ups and downs, has struggled to stay relevant over the decades. From its familiar and accessible tone, its incredible science fiction adaptation to its incredible gallery of enemies, secondary and, yes, protagonists, Doctor Who is fantastic high-grade television and science fiction. Its hero, an alien who travels in time accompanied by humans, does not give symptoms of exhaustion, and some stages, such as the one starring David Tennant, are absolutely masterful. 

science fiction series and movies, the science fiction series and movies you should watch

4. Star Trek: The New Generation, science fiction and more from 1987 to 1994.

It is difficult to stay with only Star Trek series, the sci-fi television franchise par excellence, but The New Generation combines the best of the constant and universal values of the saga with a modernization of the incarnation of the sixties. Some of the most popular nemesis in all of Star Trek, like Q or the Borg, are here, and Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard has already reached a mythical height at the height of Shatner’s Kirk. Spock may be an unsurpassed character in the sci-fi series, all right, but everything else travels here at the speed of a rocket.

science fiction series and movies, the science fiction series and movies you should watch

5. X-File, a science fiction series from 1993 to 2016.

A science fiction series that found its identity trait in the capacity for constant surprise, combining from the monster-of-the-week root pulp to family dramas that delved into the background of the two protagonists, Mulder and Scully. Two FBI investigators, believing in the supernatural phenomena one, colder and more calculating the other, but both forming a unique chemistry that even they have not been able to replicate in the last returns of the series. Visually very daughter of his time, but at the same time of a sophistication from which many current series could learn.

6. Neon Genesis Evangelion, animated jewel.

Hideaki Anno’s masterpiece became trending topic when Netflix bought the rights for its re-release. That is, it continues to raise the same passion as in the nineties, and it is not surprising: its symbolism of adolescent and emotionally unstable pilots piloting huge mechas to annihilate biblical creatures remains today as magnetic and cryptic as in its day. His maddening finale remains open to a thousand and one theories, and above all, the tremendous metallic zurriagazos that distribute the wicks continue to be impression. 

7. Futurama, animation in science fiction from 1999 to 2013.

As the best parodies Futurama is not only an excellent parody of science fiction conventions, but stupendous science fiction itself. The multitude of details related to real scientific theories or to literary and cinematographic classics of the genre make it not only a television landmark, but an authentic encyclopedia for fans. Never has a hibernated pizza man and a friend of a cyclops and a quarrelsome robot given so much of themselves. 

8. Black Mirror, reality or not?

We break a little the rule of talking about series that have maintained a more or less constant quality, because nothing more irregular than Black Mirror, series that has ended up denoting some exhaustion in its proposal almost ludita and phobic to the future. All in all, it still has superb and very accurate episodes. Some of them, like Waldo’s, or the social network used as a throwing weapon to judge people, have ended up talking about our most frightening current, and that is a value that for many ups and downs of quality that the series has no one can deny.

9. Orphan Black, great series of the century.

With a science fiction increasingly stuck to the present and committed to social causes it is not surprising to appear series like Orphan Black, which proposes a great adventure of escapism and crazy cloning, but also one that raises a disturbing issue, as is the objectification of female bodies. Incredible interpretation multiplied by 11 of Tatiana Maslany and extraordinary dialogues, linking the story under a curious tone of film noir.

Orphan Black serie

10. Dark, the best of the century in science fiction.

The series is a kind of puzzle that presents a complex narrative structure. In Winden, a small German village, four families dive into the search for a boy who has mysteriously disappeared. Then, they discover that events span different generations.

Dark is a fiction full of symbolism and mystery that has the ability to hypnotize the viewer continuously forcing him to reflect and seek an explanation.

If you want to know more about science fiction must-sees don’t miss the following blogs.

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