Digital tools for video editing

Thanks to the fact that technological advances are exponential, the realization of different artistic disciplines are benefited in many aspects. Everyday tools and software are updated and emerge that allow you to work from any device to edit, record, draw, and many other options in areas such as cinema, music, sculpture, photography, drawing, and animations to name a few. Having a smartphone or laptop is more than enough to be able to perform endless tasks. Today we will see some digital tools focused on video editing that is usually the most used by professionals.

Video Editing Software: Tools for Professional Digital Artists

Computer screen with video editing program as an example of digital tools for artists

Every day there are more people who begin to make the editing of videos since in most of the publications of the social networks they are a recurring element. Before it was very difficult to edit a few minutes of video, but today a smartphone can be installed applications that facilitate this task.

Now, for professional quality jobs that are usually used on laptops or desktop computers, we will give you a list of editing programs that you should know.

  • Final Cut

With this tool, you can edit, create and produce videos of high quality. The program combines digital editing tools and native compatibility that allows you to process almost all types of video through friendly and fast functions, making it easy for you to focus on the narrative process of your story.

It can be worked and imported with multiple video and audio formats and still image files and container formats can also be imported.

  • Adobe Premiere

This is a digital tool for professional video editing and post-production artists. Its interface is customizable and can be organized by workstations that match the editing stages such as assembly, effects, editing, audio, and subtitles.

This program allows you to work in multiple sequences, known as timelines; In addition, it has tools such as adjustment layers (similar to those of the Photoshop program), as well as graphics and after effects compositions.

The effects can be animated through its frame system and masks can be applied in the areas where you want to add the effect.

Display with digital video editing tools.
  • Avidemux

This is another digital tool for video editing. The program is free and compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.

With this software, you can work with various formats, files, and codecs, but you should know that it is not a program as intuitive as others so you should review some tutorials to be able to take full advantage of the functions of this video editor.

You can save fragments of a large video with its cutting tool, you can also perform conversion and compression of various video formats.

Videos can be resized, color profiles, and you can also process audio tracks and synchronize them with video frames.

  • FilMic Pro

FilMic is an application for smartphones (Android and iOS) that allows you to make videos and documentaries for both amateurs and professional digital artists.

This app features editing tools: video cropping, color adjustments, rotation, speed, exposure options, as well a voice recorder. It works with your phone's camera and allows you to maintain manual control of the tools so you can unleash your creativity.

The videos made can be shared on social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Vimeo among others. It is not a free application.

Cell phone screen in which a video is being recorded.

Do you already use these digital tools? Let us know by leaving a comment

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