Digital Art l What is it? Why is digital art real art?

Digital art is a concept or process that encompasses any artistic work that has been created by a digital medium, mainly using gadgets or computer equipment, that is, it is a work that is elaborated from a computer technology.

Now, technology is a procedure that gives us the possibility to create, according to the artists of this art style there is not much difference between a graphic palette of a brush or a pencil. Now, the most common is to find several groups of this type of art that are based on the medium they use:, CD-Rom - art, video art, interactive installations, among others.

what digital art readily accepted, why digital art is real art, is digital art easy

Digital art is a relatively new and developing form of expression considered one of the evolutions of today’s world. The development of computer technologies leads to a new creation of digital pieces with an adequate quality, creating works that leave great results and change the common way of making art. The novelty of these digital media improves the aesthetics of the works, and the criticisms of artists and writers of digital culture, as well as companies that advertise technologies for purposes that contribute to it.

Learn all about this new art, use different methods for its creation.

This creative discipline arose around the application of vector and graphic programs, which includes works in which digital elements are used that are essential in the production process or in its exhibition, manifesting these works by means of digital or at least technologically advanced media.

In addition to having had a great evolution, this art is an extremely important means of communication due to its efficiency and the context we live in: completely technological and visual environments. Through digital art we are able to express emotions and at the same time develop interactive and innovative digital applications in many areas, making the user coexist with technology.

what digital art readily accepted, why digital art is real art, is digital art easy

What are the characteristics of this artistic trend? 

Each of the pieces present in this avant-garde cannot be felt in the physical world, they do not express it. 
Through digital programming, it has a totally different reality than what we already conceive as art. 
It is a set of other arts, can possess sounds, image or language. It does not have a linear structure, as it does not have a structured argument.

Types of digital art

There are several kinds of digital art including photography and digital image, digital sculpture, interactivity, Net art and generative art, or to mention a few.

3D modeling

This modality is the development of 3D meshes to create innovative pieces that integrate new textures. These pieces help create 3D images for video games, cinema, advertising and many other creative areas. 3D computer animation techniques produce much more realistic results than 2D animation.

what digital art readily accepted, why digital art is real art, is digital art easy


This modality refers to digital airbrush art, this is used to color copies, touch up positives and negatives, hide collage unions, add elements and remove unnecessary defects or backgrounds.

Pixel art

The images are edited at the pixel level, with programs that use a technique called "raster" and create more realistic digital landscapes. 

Typographical art

It consists of using typographical forms (letters, symbols and numbers) to create compositions that support the spoken language. Includes lettering and similar modes. 

Vector Art within Digital Art

The creation of figures with dots and lines is also called art. In the middle of the design, the vector graphic gives the facility to manipulate shapes and figures of different sizes without damaging the image quality.


Generative Art

This form of digital art gives us the possibilities of creating a work entirely from computer programs that have variable parameters that the artist has chosen.

Net Art and digital art

The developments in this segment allude to all the works made for the Internet and have as their theme the Internet.

3D sculptors use the network and digital formats to show their pieces to the general public, as they are not tangible and require modalities such as Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality to be observed.


Learn more about the wonderful world of digital art.

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