Best social media for an artist | A guide to sell art

Social media has become the most popular media to engage customers because of its global organic reach and potential audience. Regardless of the industry, many companies have already decided to add this strategy to their marketing and sales plan. But do social media also work for artists?

Of course. While having social media does not guarantee customers, what it does ensure is being able to reach thousands of people with a single post. It’s all about knowing the best networks for artists and how to use them in the right way to sell art. Read on to find out the answer.

The best social media to sell art

Eye with most popular social media


Instagram has become one of the favorite platforms of both artists and buyers. The reason? It is very visual and practical.

You can take advantage of all the tools that it gives you: carousel, stories, reels, IGTV, guides, to create extremely attractive content and thereby make your audience interested in knowing more about you and your art. As long as you have an inspiring and empathetic approach, starting to build your following base is guaranteed.

What sets this social media apart from others is the strategy. For example, it allows you to use hashtags related to your industry and geolocation to increase the chances that interested people will find you. It also gives you all the statistics to determine how your publications are performing and who your audience is.

Tip: Remember that Instagram is for audiences under 40 on average, and videos have become increasingly popular. So don’t forget to share details of your processes, end results and stories behind your creations. With a single piece of art you can create all this content to use it more than once.

Also, in stories you can do surveys to know the preferences of your audience and even share tips and curious facts. Without a doubt a complete social network and that used to the maximum will generate excellent results for you.


Surely we have all heard about this network that became so popular in the pandemic and that it surprised massively by showing the results of its organic reach. And the same goes for creators and artists.

In TikTok you can grow and have a reach at an exaggerated rate.The key is to create valuable content and videos that from the first few seconds draw attention to give the viewer desire to know more.

While it may seem difficult at first, it’s all about trying different trends, music, ideas and seeing their performance.

Another point in favor of this network is that you can take advantage of the content you are creating to upload it to the other platforms, as long as you have the video without a watermark.

????PATREON: Elizmillart (step by step, wip, tutorials) Work on DTIYS ✨ #sketchbook #art #anime

♬ hello ily - <3


Although this social network also generates a great scope if we talk about the organic, the difference is that in the feed neither the artist nor the location is shown. The person who is struck by the photo you have uploaded must click to see the description and your website.

More than to sell, it has become a platform to look for inspiration, and drive traffic. So if you have attractive photos, surely they will save you in endless boards and with it you will increase both your visits to your website and your possibilities to make a sale.

Example of a pinterest art board

Don’t forget to think about what are the most used terms related to your industry, those that people use to search. Research and use them in your publications to increase your chances of being found.

If you want to know more, we leave you this entry: How to use Pinterest for companies: complete guide


Facebook is still the social network with more active users. However, the type of audience is different because it has older people compared to the previous ones.

Also, pages and groups are still very important tools to promote your work. Although it is true that it will cost you more work to generate a large organic reach.

The key is to generate value content that is likely to be shared, to start appearing in the feed constantly. It’s also very important to encourage participation. So take surveys and ask questions to build your own community.

General recommendations

Since you know the social networks to know what type of content to create, here are some tips:

1. - Always interact with your fans, so that your network is not just a one-way communication channel. Keep them involved in your artistic process.

Phone with social media interaction: like, follow, comment.

2. - Don’t forget to always have your website and contact details visible, this to facilitate the purchase process.

3. - Create regular content at your own pace, but be consistent. And generate empathy with your followers. Remember that from the same process you can get varied material:

  • The story behind the work
  • The end result
  • The creative process
  • Tips for artists and buyers
  • Surveys and questions
  • Sneak peeks

And finally: don’t be afraid of being copied. Always make it clear that you are the author and that your work is for sale. In the end, the talent is yours and nobody can replicate it.

Final conclusions

Social networks are a very important tool if you are an artist to publicize your work and expand your business circle, but you must know how to use them well to fulfill these purposes.

Remember that it is not about the time you spend, but about the strategies you use. So start by setting clear goals and getting to know your audience, and you have everything to start building your community!

Do you already have social media as an artist? Which is your favorite? We read you in the comments.

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