Artistic appreciation: from the origin to the digital age

Art is an expression born of human creativity; through art, emotions, experiences, and a unique perception of the environment are expressed, since it is the artist's vision that will be reflected in the work. Throughout the history of humanity, the different artistic disciplines have evolved thanks to technology as it progressed in each era, but to this day, these advances have allowed us to create new forms of artistic expression that have allowed the evolution of the arts as well as have given room to new currents. Therefore, our artistic appreciation as well as art itself has changed and today we will see its evolution through the digital age.

Evolution of art through time to the digital age

Today the relationship between the production and commercialization of art is directly related to the internet; there are many more virtual galleries than physical ones so that artists can exhibit their works anywhere in the world opening the doors to digital art. But also disciplines such as dance, music, architecture, and cinema have found a virtual space within everyone's reach.

Art in the Digital Age

Today there is also virtual reality, biotechnology, and nanotechnology that have allowed the advancement of different artistic disciplines as we could not have imagined before.

In a contemporary historical context, this is clearer to us with the pandemic, where the vast majority of human beings had to learn to communicate, work and innovate through technology even if we did not have advanced knowledge in this subject.

Likewise, the artists found a way to show their talent and creativity by exploiting the tools of the internet for creating digital art.

Appreciation of art through advances in technology

Doing an analysis through the history of art, we can see that technology has always gone hand in hand with it. This can be seen from the cave paintings in which man had to find a technique and an instrument that would allow him to manifest his creativity.

Pre-Hispanic vessels as an example of artistic appreciation until the arrival of digital art.

In this process of evolution, the creation of any sculpture by Michelangelo could not have been created in the time of the caves, precisely because of the lack of technology, however rudimentary it may have been.

Michelangelo David.

In music the same thing happens, ancient cultures did not have the necessary instruments to create a piece as Bach managed to do, but not for lack of talent or creativity, but for the technological lack of its historical context. Today you can play the sounds of any musical instrument through a computer, being what we know today as electronic music.

Returning to painting as an example, through the history of art different currents emerged such as Impressionism, which represented outdoor spaces, highlighting textures and light in his paintings.

Post-Impressionism began to use other techniques such as pointillism that today, with the digital art current called Pixel art, can be taken as a contemporary interpretation of that current.

Post-Impressionist painting by Georges Seurat as an example of the evolution of art to the digital age.
Monalisa in Pixel art

In dance, we can also appreciate technological advances. In a staging, light plays a primary role, because through it it is possible to accentuate the dancer on stage or highlight part of his scenery. Today, not only traditional lights are available, there are costumes with integrated lights which adds an attraction to the work.

What we cannot deny is that without technology there is no conception of art, since their relationship has always been intrinsic.

It should be noted that the tools that have been available and with which we have today, are only a means of creation because without human creativity these are useless by themselves.

Technology in the appreciation of art in the digital age is only a means to enable the creative expression of man in art.

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