Artist marketing, the best tools to promote your work in the digital age

Creating a marketing strategy for artists is very important if you want to succeed in the immense universe of art. In this blog I am interested to talk about two concepts that any artist should have related, and on the contrary it seems as if there are miles of distance between them for artists.

Marketing and art are two concepts that have always made excellent dumbbell. That said, a digital marketing strategy will never succeed without an artistic or creative component. Just as an artist will never achieve success without first carrying out a marketing strategy with pre-established objectives and a well-laid map to specific objectives.

We already have a lot of knowledge about how a professional in the art world has to carry out his artistic project with buyers or clients. But how can a photographer, sculptor or painter of this day succeed in a world as impenetrable as art is self-taught or rather, in the world of marketing for artists to promote their work?

If you are interested in knowing all the keys and tips to create and develop a digital marketing strategy as artists and succeed in the world of art, I recommend you continue reading.

Here are 6 essential tips in the creation of any marketing for artists, they will serve as a guide, inspiration, or just to know more about the digital world that surrounds artists today.

Marketing artists

1. An analysis is needed before starting a marketing strategy for artists.

This analysis is indispensable, it is the one that will guide you step by step in the creation of a successful marketing for artists.

I don’t want to lie to you, it won’t be easy, but at this point you can take a look at your trajectory, what you like, what you don’t like, what has worked, and where you have erred, all with the purpose of achieving change or improvement in time.

An internal analysis where you will include your strengths and weaknesses and an external one where you will visualize your threats and opportunities will be a good starting point. It will help you position yourself and will be the starting point for your new life as an artist.

tips marketing artists

2. Find, define and defend your personal style.

Within artist marketing, there is this point that is about an image, action, sound or lyrics that makes someone identify your work without even knowing you.

This is where most artists stay along the way; this is what you face if you want to succeed in the art universe.

A point in favor is that art was, is and will be completely subjective. You never know what you can succeed and what style you will like or not. So, start by defining the shapes, the color, the concept.

My advice is that if you have something already defined that fits and people like, you work and perfect it more and more.

Remember that times change and what worked before doesn’t work now. Consider adapting your style, technique and materials to the present day.

music marketing artists

3. Identify who may be interested in your art

What you do doesn’t appeal to everyone, you know that, but that may be something in your favor in artist marketing.

You’d better point out a point on the map of your objections and focus your art on the people you might be interested in, and of course, buying.

Connecting with your audience will make your digital marketing strategy for artists easier to assimilate. This will lead to more success and recognition.

Once you have located who your work is aimed at, you know where to focus!

man marketing

4. Take a look at your competition

Analyzing and viewing the work of your closest competitors will give you a more objective result of where you need to direct your work. Answer questions such as:

  1. What has been its evolution in recent years?
  2. What circle of people or artists do you live with?
  3. What is the presence of your brand image on the Internet and on social networks? How often do you publish? What is the design of your website like?
  4. What events have you participated in throughout the year?
  5. Where have your works been exhibited?
  6. What technique and supports do you use?
  7. These factors will guide you in a clearer way to know how to move and to be able to set your digital marketing strategy for artists in a more objective way.
man painting

5. Work on a good cover letter.

The 21st century artist, if he wants to succeed, has to have a good website, in other words, a good marketing artists has to have a good portfolio where it can present the work in the most orderly and clean way possible.

Don’t forget to include some of these aspects on your website:

  1. Divide your work into categories. It will be easier for someone who is interested in your work to access what they are interested in seeing about you.
  2. Optimized images with good resolution.
  3. Do not forget to include in the section "biography" your trajectory, studies and style. It is also interesting to keep in mind that this biography will be read by the target audience you want to target, so the message has to be adapted to them.
  4. Contact form and social networks where these should also appear on your website.
  5. Always include the date, place and mentions in each of the tickets.
  6. Remember that audiovisual material can also play a very important role. If you have videos, include them!
marketing artists

6. Use social media to your advantage.

Having an innovative artist marketing strategy will also make you feel unique and different. People will see in you something characteristic and this is very important to differentiate you from the rest.

What social networks should you be on? For every artist Instagram is mandatory. Therefore, I recommend you keep in mind the following:

  • Follow the references of your sector and other artists.
  • Periodically publish your latest works.
  • Work hard on your stories so people can see your day to day.
  • Leave comments to other artists, galleries, reference pages or potential clients. You can consider writing 4 comments a day to keep you in mind.
social media

Would you like to know more about artist marketing? Here I recommend some blogs that you can include in your search and research.

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