Art and technology: the fusion that faces the digital future

Is it possible to create digital art with the help of a computer? Are the results capable of competing with handmade works of art?

Digital technologies have also come to art, transforming creative processes and driving the development of new artistic expressions. This improves the process and makes it easier to share things with the world.

But is this change favorable? What opportunities and risks does this fusion between art and technology bring? Read on to find out the answer.

Intrinsic benefits of digital art

First of all, it is clear that combining art with technology for digital creations promises a future with works accessible to all. That is, that more people can have the opportunity to know culture, history and artistic details from the comfort of their home. That’s why it’s become so popular.

But the benefits go beyond the diffusion in social networks, and they have to do with the scope that technology generates and power. See 5 examples of how technology has transformed the future of art to create things never seen before.

5 examples of the future of technology in digital art

Virtual museums

Google Arts and culture, platform for vistual museums

With the recent pandemic and confinement, more and more museums chose to display their collections and spaces on different platforms so that the public could know them from the comfort of their home.

One example is the popular Google Arts & Culture platform, where you can find pieces from over 200,000 museums, all available online. MoMA, Van Gogh Museum and many other renowned places are already exhibiting their unique pieces on this site. An experience you can’t miss living.

E-commerce for auctions

Auctions are believed to be an exclusive event, and not accessible to most people. But technology is already changing the future of these art events.

Diderot.Art is an undertaking that arose in 2017 with the mission of mass art. This e-commerce has contemporary works so you can buy them from the comfort of your home. Basically a 24/7 operating gallery that gives a unique experience in the discovery of art. Objects, photographs, paintings, has a variety of options. e-commerce for selling art

What are the results? They have generated greater interest in art among people who had not previously shown it, as it shows not only the works but also details of the artists and the history of the piece.

3D printing

This application has undoubtedly been revolutionizing art, demonstrating that it can be combined with technology for spectacular results with great detail. With applications such as 3D paintings and sculptures, 3D printing helps artists take a step further into the creative future, allowing them to give life to designs from a drawing or image.

3D painting, aplication of digital art for the future

Find out 10 examples of works created with this technology by reading the following article: Top 10 Applications of 3D Printing in Art From 2021.

Tools for musical creation

Because music is also art, there are also new technological tools that have facilitated and transformed the creation of musical pieces. An example is the gloves, a device for music performance and composition. With sensors that measure the curvature of the fingers, and the curvature of the wrist to translate the movements into sound, creating unique compositions and a new way of making music.

Textile design

Another example of a fusion between digital art and technology for a more efficient future are textile design programs.These allow you to create patterns in a 100% digital way and then print them and with it create your fabrics with unique prints. The best? The design possibilities are endless, you can create from concrete drawings to patterns that are repeated throughout the fabric.


Art and technology know no boundaries. Technology and art come together to transform the future of artistic creation and provide new tools. Today, more and more artists are taking advantage of these resources to enhance their creative process and make themselves known to the world.

And you, what do you think of these new trends? Are you ready to join this new way of creating? We read you in the comments.

If you were interested in this topic, read on.

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