Art and technology: The 8 ways technology can make art better 

Technological resources that are used in art today

Art and technology, at first glance, seem to be at odds. There is a fear that technology will replace traditional artmaking methods. Nevertheless, modes of learning are important.

According to Steve Jobs: “Technology alone is not enough. It's technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.” What is digital art today? Read on.

Think about how you can use technology to amplify your artmaking process, through types of digital art. Using both art and technology to create meaningful and engaging learning opportunities for the best use of both!

You should start by infusing traditional artmaking methods with technology slowly if you aren't sure how. You can combine art and technology in eight easy ways. 

Little devices

Art and technology: Digital Manipulation

First of all, digital manipulation is a technique for transforming artwork digitally. Artists can alter traditional artwork using a variety of methods and techniques. Photo manipulation is a common example of this style. Also for drawings and paintings. Using art and technology, you can enhance traditional artwork in three ways. 

1. Types of digital art: Digital painting 

Digital painting. Check what is digital art today.

The latest trend is to pour paint. With digital manipulation, you can take this scientific process one step further. When the paint pouring process is complete, take a picture of the painting to create a new image with it.

You can use this activity to spark creativity as you look for shapes and images to inspire you. What is digital art today? Perfection. This process can be carried out with any digital program that allows digital drawing and editing.

2. Types of digital art: Create chalk and watercolor backgrounds

Watercolor design

Create an interesting design that can serve as a background piece of digital editing the next time you are exploring a new medium.

A watercolor or chalk drawing can be enhanced later with digital enhancement. Create digital abstract art using traditionally made art, or use it as a background image for a digital design. 

3. Types of digital art: Animation to existing artworks

Animation mouse

Animation is another simple way to bring an artwork to life with technology. Any painting or drawing can be turned into a GIF animation using basic animation techniques and easy programs

To create traditionally, you need to design in these types of digital art

Next, we will use art and technology as artmaking tools. Digital creations are magical because you can move objects around to find the best composition, and it helps the process go much faster.

When things don't go as planned, the undo button can be a powerful tool. There are ways to apply digital designs to traditional art processes. 

4. What is digital art today? Demystify typography printmaking

For first-timers, the design process can be complicated, but you can love the printmaking process. Artists often get confused about how text should be used in printmaking, so they print backward. Digital design is a great way to compose a piece and flip an image easily. Check other technological resources that are used in art today.

5. Design custom stencils

In the art room, you can use stencils in many ways. When you try to add to your stencil collection, you'll find that stencils can be expensive and aren't always what you want.

By creating stencils digitally, artists can easily replicate design elements, reducing the creation time. By cutting their digital creations themselves or using a tool like a Cricut, artists can create stencils from their digital work. 

6. What is digital art today? Digital drawing

Digital drawing

Before using traditional drawing materials, digital drawing is an excellent way to introduce the beginning of drawing techniques. It might be difficult to understand shading, value, and light sources. Create a 3-D shaded form digitally instead of with a pencil first.

It is faster and alleviates intimidation because if a mistake is made, you can simply "undo." Digital drawing, as one of the types of digital art, can be compared to sketching.

Art and technology: New technologies to explore

Furthermore, you will always be able to experiment with new inventions and technologies in your art. The item we are using now is being replaced by something new as we write this.

Don't be afraid to use some of the newest or latest devices in the art room. What is digital art today? Try out these ideas today.

7. Learn about 3-D printers and pens

3D pen

Within the art classroom, 3D printing is an application of STEAM that focuses on design. By combining 3-D technology with artmaking materials, you can explore sculptural design.

You can create 3-D objects by using 3-D pens and printers: ceramic ribs or clay stamps using this technique. 

8. What is digital art today? Develop computer coding skills

Coding has become an essential skill in the digital age. As a result, more creativity is being brought into the digital world. Coding can be a useful addition to almost any art project. Often, artists want to tell a story beyond just visuals.

With coding devices, traditional artwork can be brought to life. Art can create interactive experiences for viewers by coding on the device. Artist's statement can be recorded to tell the viewer even more about the art.

9. What is digital art today? Photography's Future

Photo. Art and technology made marvelous things.

Digital photography's future does not lie in optics. Instead, it is computational. The new smartphones that come out will have similar features regarding megapixels, ISO ranges, the f-number, etc. In this field of photography, there is probably not much room for improvement left.

The quality and perfection of our products have improved over the years. The next "part" of photography is non-physical. This mix of art and technology has nothing to envy traditional art.

Through art-making, art and technology examine the creative uses and investigations of technology. Art and technology explore through project-based learning.

Their work includes diverse types of digital art: designing interactive installations, creating electronic objects and interfaces, creating animated moving images and 3D modeling, rapid prototyping, hacking, bio-art, tactical media, digital imaging, internet art, sound, and emerging experimental forms.

As artists, we should always be building on what has come before and what is happening now. It is responsible for mediating and pioneering. Art and technology, like most other fields, offer opportunities for reimagining the familiar.

An artist can use whatever tools they want, there are no rules. Use art and technology to empower your artistic field! For you, what is digital art today? How do you combine art and technology? Now you know some technological resources that are used in art today.

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