A revolution, an era of 10 great artists in the digital age.

In a social and digital network impregnated with advertising, perfect lives, fashion, clothing, we also find a great tool to enjoy revolutionary art that also reminds us of the great artistic skills that coexist in the world. 

Whether as a platform for fun, promotion or advertising, today’s digital famous multimedia and animator artists who work with the right technology, understand the digital world as a showcase to showcase their works and working methods, as well as the mannequins of the most important Parisian prison buildings. It is now to give its recognition to digital networks with more artistic and visual possibilities to know how the world of art changes and takes advantage of the new forms of communication. 

There are no rules, however, it is still unlikely to find recognized artists in the networks. However, here I share with you 10 artists who have completely revolutionized the current digital era. 

digital animation

The Grand Chamaco and its great digital authenticity.

This is how the great Mexican artist with an important specialty in 3D digital illustration is known who has created a unique style, mixing custom with innovation. His career trajectory takes off illustrating something as simple as a tweet. 

He is a digital famous multimedia and animator artist who is inspired by his personal experiences, and the culture of his native country, which he intuitively transforms into a new imagery of colors and characters. Without a doubt, it is a great modern reference for digital animation. 

Brenton Alexander Smith and his important digital contribution

He is a digital famous multimedia and animator artist who works on the man-machine relationship and often uses abandoned and damaged waste technology to create his works. This Australian artist expresses himself through different media, sculptures, audiovisual installations, 3D object modeling and video game engines. In addition to taking a look at his strange creations, which start from the car accident, you should stop by a virtual museum where his latest work is exhibited. 

digital era

Anja Demuth and her digital revolution.

She is a digital famous multimedia and animator artist unconventional multimedia creator ¿ and animator German fashion designer who likes to experiment with materials, fabrics and shapes. In your Instagram account takes care of the presentation in detail. It shows not only the finished pieces, but the work that hides beneath a sober and innovative aesthetic. He has presented several collections dealing with topical issues such as transgenic research and organ trafficking. He also collaborates with other artists from other media, creating interactive works with sand or sonorous sculptural installations. 

Beeple Crap, digital artists creator.

That’s the name Mike Winkelmann works under. A igital famous multimedia and animator artist creator who has spent more than ten years sharing his work daily through social networks. You can find it in many of them. This American famous multimedia and animator artist is admired for his dedication and great talent. Technically impeccable, he dominates drawing, animation and digital photography; and his imagination overflows any universe imagined by science-fiction. He has also made short films and worked on numerous projects and music videos.

Sougwen, digital artist and famous genius.

This Chinese digital famous multimedia and animator artist and researcher, raised in Canada, explores the modes of interaction between machine and man, robotics and the plastic arts, two opposing poles that improvise together. It is about reinventing the tradition of painting and drawing and looking for other creative processes. It uses various media, installation, sculpture, still image and performance and almost always surrounded by artist collaborators. All this research project you can follow on his Instagram, as a work diary. 

Louis Montiel T, researcher and digital musician.

Digital famous multimedia and animator artist, researcher and experimental musician, French resident in Mexico, presents part of his visual research with hundreds of images or videos of glitch aesthetics. Use media file data manipulation techniques, such as datamoshing, keyframe, glitch art, to achieve visual or sound effects. Distortion with unexpected results. These experiments gives good account on your Instagram, where you can the evolution and progress of your work. 

Casey Reas, digital artist of the moment

Also known as C. E. B. Reas. He is an American digital famous multimedia and animator artist who has focused his career on the creation of computer-generated conceptual works. He has exhibited his work in numerous exhibitions, both individual and collective around the world. But, above all, he is known to be one of the creators, along with Ben Fry, of the Processing programming language. Open Source Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used by new media art communities. It is also dedicated to teaching. 

digital draw

Nieves De la Fuente, a virtual reality and great digital artist.

She is a Spanish famous multimedia and animator artist who develops her work on concepts such as virtual reality, sound experimentation, historical construction or scientific research. In its creative process, we can observe the combination of various media as well, interactive installation, 3D printing sculpture, sound performance. Some of this experimentation work is documented in his account, where he shows other personal interests or experiences. 

Fecal Matter, famous artist with his digital discourse.

This is an extreme proposal of digital artist that has managed to attract thousands of followers. This Canadian duo formed by Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran uses Instagram as a medium to elaborate their artistic discourse. A cocktail of posthuman design and appearance that seeks to generate a concept of different beauty, mixing multiple references of contemporary culture. They also use this social network to advertise their experimental music and a clothing line of their own. 

Nakauchi Kiyoshi, across the pond from the digital revolution and a great digital artist.

This Japanese software developer and awesome digital artist shows us his most creative part through Instagram. His hobby is generative art and creative coding, a term known to programmers with artistic interests. He shares not only the videos of his computer-generated animations, but the computer code, created in a set of openFrameworks tools, for those curious who want to learn how to program. Besides, he does it every day. 

animated woman

The digital revolution has arrived, it’s just a matter of discovering it, keep reading about this.

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